Common Reasons Why a Garage Door Is Not Opening Properly

Common Reasons Why a Garage Door Is Not Opening Properly

Why a Garage Door Is Not Opening Properly

One manifestation that your garage door is not working correctly is when it doesn’t open properly. This issue can be caused by various causes

Power Source

Loss of power can prevent your garage door from moving at all. Perhaps your garage door opener has been unplugged, there is a power interruption, or there is no power supply in the outlet.

To check what’s causing the issue, you can try plugging in another appliance or plugging your opener into another socket. That way, you can check if it’s your opener or outlet that’s the problem.

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The Garage Door Can Be Operated Manually

The Garage Door Can Be Operated Manually

There are instances wherein, although your garage door moves to open, it only reaches halfway. This issue is due to different factors.

The Garage Door Can Be Operated Manually

In case the automatic functioning of your garage door opener fails, you can always switch to manual mode. 

To operate your door manually, look for the red emergency release cord. This cord usually hangs from the motor trolley at the center. 

While the door is in the down position, pull the emergency cord to disengage the opener. After that, you can now move your garage door to open completely.

Blocked Sensors

Blocked sensors occur when you don’t maintain your garage door properly. If you oversee the photo-eye sensors, they can be cloudy with dust and debris.

This could lead to a garage door that won’t open all the way since your door will keep on reversing.

To quickly fix this problem, clean the opener sensors with dish soap and a sponge.

Misaligned Sensors

Similarly, if you haven’t checked on your sensors for a long time, they could be out of alignment by now. This could bring you operational problems. 

If you notice that you have misaligned sensors, you should realign them to restore their impeccable condition.

Weather Effects

External weather conditions can adversely impact your garage door’s operation. Rain and humidity could cause rusting while impacts from wind and hailstone could damage the door.

Rusty and damaged garage doors require a garage door repair service. If you need to repair or change hardware parts, contact A-Team Garage Door Repair. As one of the most reliable garage door repair companies, we can fix any garage door issue in a short period of time.

Your Cables Have Snapped or Popped Off

snapped garage door cables

Garage door cables support the springs in lifting and lowering the garage door. So, you can expect your cables to snap following your broken springs. 

In case your cables give out, ask your garage door cable repair specialists to replace your cables.

Your Remote Control Is Malfunctioning

Your Remote Control Is Malfunctioning

If your garage door won’t open with the remote, then you may have a broken remote control.

Sometimes, the issue might be because the transmitter remote is out of range. The antenna on the motor could also be damaged or obstructed. Either issue could prevent your remote from operating your door.

What you need to do is move within the range or adjust the antenna to achieve better signal reception.

In some cases, the problem with the remote is dead batteries. For that, you’ll need a quick trip to the hardware store to buy a new battery. 

If none of these worked, you will need to reprogram your remote control.

The Garage Door Is off the Track

off track garage door

A garage door that has gone off-track is not only unsightly, but it also won’t function properly. If your rollers went out of the tracks, it’ll be difficult, even dangerous, to operate your door.

Call a professional technician immediately before things get worse and cause accidents.

The Garage Door Motor is
Running But You Cannot Open the Garage Door

cannot open the garage door

You can say that your garage door opener is working if the motor is running. However, if your garage door won’t open, you should call a technician to check on your door. 

They will check if your sensors are in proper alignment or if your cables are still in good condition. And then they will resolve the issue so you can automatically operate your door again.

The Garage Door Wall Switch Is Not Working

garage door wall switch.

A broken wall switch may cause a garage door that won’t open. Broken wall switches usually give off an error signal in the LED light. 

If the connection is the problem, check the outlet to see if you’ve securely plugged in the switch. Monitor as well if the outlet has a supply of electricity. If not, then you will need to plug the switch into a working socket.

Locked Garage Door

garage door lock

Another reason why you’re unable to open your garage door from the outside is when someone locked it from the inside. Unless you have a key, it would be impossible for you to open the door.

Ask a member of your family to open the door for you, so you can finally open your door using the opener.

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