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Professional Torsion & Extension Spring Repair Services

The springs in the garage are responsible for doing a heavy-duty job in the garage. Springs store force to lift the heavy door panels along the tracks. When there is damage to the spring, it’s necessary to repair it as soon as possible. Delaying the garage door spring repair can cause more damages. Worse, they can cause impairments to other parts of the garage as well. Good news! You don’t need to worry about getting reliable service.

Our team of certified technicians offers repairs to broken garage door springs, and we offer Same-Day service, including the weekends. We use high-quality springs made from steel. You have our guarantee that the spring can last 10,000 cycles. We work with various spring brands, and we can replace both tension springs and torsion springs. Our service offers a warranty on service and parts.

Signs That Your Garage Door Spring May Need to Be Replaced

garage door spring repair

Many signs indicate that you need to have a garage door spring replacement as soon as possible. Once you experience these scenarios in the garage, don’t hesitate to call our team.

  • The spring is broken into pieces

A broken garage door spring can result from too much wear out and use. When this happens, you need to replace the spring immediately to balance the support on both sides of the track.

  • The door panels don’t travel up when you want to open the garage

When the spring is broken, it can’t carry all the panels all the way to the overhead track.

  • The sectional panels became heavier

The lack of support from fully working springs results in heavier slabs. You will most likely need to add extra support to lift the door.

  • There are damages to the cable

Often, a broken spring will most likely result in a broken garage door cable. The lack of necessary force puts stress on the cable, causing it to break in the long run.

Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

When you choose the service for spring repairs, it’s best to get the company that does the best practices in the business. Good services can save you spring replacement costs by giving repairs that last long. You want to make sure that there are no potential injuries from incomplete repairs.

garage door spring

Replacing Both Springs

If your garage uses two springs, it’s best to replace both springs in the mechanism. Bigger garages have a two-spring garage door. Replacing both sides balances out the wear and tear in the brand new springs, making the mechanism less prone to damages.

garage door spring

Using the Right Springs

You can’t just pick out any spring from the store and install them in your garage. Springs have sizing and types specific to your garage. We use high-quality springs of the right size so that you can get around 10,000 cycles in the garage.

garage door spring

Safety Inspection

Before embarking on the job, professionals should inspect your entire garage. Sometimes, the issues come from other connected parts in the mechanism. Replacing the spring may lead to more severe problems later.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Extension Springs

extension garage door spring

Extension garage door springs use tension force to keep the garage door panels in place. When the garage door spring stretches, the high tension supports the door in the garage.

Torsion Springs

torsion garage door spring

Torsion garage door springs, on the other hand, use torque force. The torque force is responsible for rotating the garage door cable that lifts the garage door panels when you want to open the garage door.

Things You Should Know

garage door spring

Extension vs Torsion Springs, Which Is Better?

In general, torsion springs last longer than tension springs. The constant expansion and contraction of the tension spring lead to faster wear out. As the tension springs keep uncoiling, the entire spring will naturally turn loose over time.

garage door spring

Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion Springs

It’s possible to switch from a torsion spring system to a tension spring. Call us to help you with the replacement of the tension springs into torsion springs.

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What Not to Do After the Springs Break

In many cases, door springs break after overuse and old age. When this happens, you need to find a brand-new spring of the same size to fit the door. It’s best if you don’t attempt to lift the doors manually. Heavy doors without spring support can severely damage the door opener. Worse, the door panels may crash on the tracks without heavy-duty springs to lift them.

garage door spring

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

Most of the time, garage doors are heavier than most objects you can find at home. Door panels can easily weigh up to hundreds of pounds. For this scenario, you need all the help you can get to repair the springs in place. When you experience a broken spring, call our team. You’ll have all pairs of hands necessary to complete an efficient replacement.

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