garage door cable repair services

High Quality, Reliable Garage Door Cable Repair Services

If you are worried about the current state of your garage door and about having broken garage door cables, we provide one of the most reliable garage door services in the area with a wide array of different cable sizes fit for any door! 

And if you’re in dire need to repair your garage door, rest assured as we provide same-day service every day of the week. If you’re concerned about the quality of our services, we also provide warranty on all of our labor and parts used during our repairs. So, if you’re looking for professional garage door cable repair services, look no further than A-Plus Garage Door Repair.

Signs That You Need to Replace your Garage Door Cables

garage door cable repair services

Most people are unaware of the signs that show when it is needed to replace your garage door cables. Your garage door cables are constantly exposed to stress and wear, which can eventually cause them to become broken. 

They may fray or even snap, leading to very dangerous circumstances that can range from injuring someone to damaging your car. Such circumstances can lead to more costly expenses such as car repairs to hospital bills that could’ve been avoided by contacting a professional service company to repair your cables.
So how do you know when to replace your garage door cables?

  1. One sign that your cables require replacement or repair are when fraying is observed. You can check by looking close to the bottom of the garage door or looking under the cable drum.
  2. Another sign is if you spot oxidation build up or rusting on your cables. Rusting can also be noticed if your garage door opens and closes at a slower speed than usual.

Generally, you should check at least once a year if your garage door cables are alright. 

If you notice abnormal or unusual sounds coming from the opening and closing of your garage door, you should also inspect if the cables are still in good condition.

The Safety Cables

Safety cables are cables attached to your door frames and garage springs. They prevent the springs from practically exploding within your garage, which would cause them to fly at high speeds. If this were to happen, there would be a very high chance of hitting something such as your car windows or possibly killing someone. 

Such a danger looms even while your garage door is closed, as your garage door actually faces an immense amount of pressure at all times because of various external forces. Most of the time, this pressure is applied against your springs, causing them to weaken easily over the year. 

Because of this, safety cables are normally installed on garage doors in order to ease the tension faced by your springs. These safety cables are installed so that they are tightly wrapped and laced against your springs so that they can keep it in place even in the event that your springs snap.

It is heavily advised that you do not “DIY” your safety cables, as it is a very delicate process. Despite the fact that it can be done within less than an hour, a rushed installation of safety cables can lead to the destruction of property or even serious bodily injury. It is highly recommended that you consult a professional garage door repair company such as A-Plus Garage Door Repair in order to install your safety cables if you do not have some already. 

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