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High Quality, Reliable Garage Door Panel Replacement Services

If you accidentally hit your garage door with your car, it could result in impairment to your panels. When that happens, you can either replace your panels or jump to garage door replacement.

However, always check first the extent of the damage. If you think it’s not practical to replace only the garage panels, go for a garage door replacement service.

Minor mishaps such as rocks thrown at your garage door can only damage a portion of your panel. In this type of situation, one part of your garage door will be dented. In this way, you only need to replace the panels rather than replace the entire garage door.

At A-Plus Garage Door Repair Garage Doors, we have a team of highly skilled garage door repairmen who can replace your garage door panels promptly. We work with top brands, so you can rest assured that we will replace your garage door panels with high-quality types.

You can call us anytime as we are available from Monday to Friday, including weekends, without an extra charge fee. We also provide a warranty on labor and parts.

Different Garage Door Panel Damages

garage door panel damages

Regardless of how durable your panel is, issues such as a dent, breakage, corrosion may occur on your panels.

Unexpected Accidents

Bent panels are caused by accidents such as flying debris. Also, if you accidentally bump your car into them, it could result in bent panels.

Stuff Thrown At Your Garage Door

Tiny collisions could result from dented panels. It occurs when somebody throws rocks into your garage door panels. Also, impact from small hailstones may result in dented panels.

Severe Weathers

Broken panels result from severe accidents such as a fast car crashing into the garage panel, causing it to tear apart. Also, extreme weather conditions could break them instantly. If a strong wind with massive hailstones impacts your panels, it might break right away.

Rust On Your Panels

It’s natural for garage door components to suffer from deterioration. However, if your garage panels are still new and you observe some corrosion, it’s most likely caused by intense weather conditions.

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

garage door panel replacement

Garage Door Panel Replacement

One benefit of having a garage door panel is that you can always replace the panels if they become damaged. If you notice significant damage to your garage door panels, replacing the entire garage door is not always the solution. You should check first the extent of the damage before jumping to garage door replacement.

When should you replace your garage door panels?

Garage door panel replacement is cheaper than garage door replacement. Check first the number of damaged panels before deciding what to do. If you notice that you have only one or two broken panels, go for panel replacement.

garage door

Garage Door Replacement​

When should you consider garage door replacement?

If all your garage door panels take significant damage from an accident or extreme weather condition, then go for garage door replacement. It is practical to go for garage door replacement if the level of damage will also harm the entire garage door.

Additionally, if you haven’t upgraded your garage door for years now, more problems could occur eventually. Also, if you want to replace the panels, it is hard to find panels for an old garage door model.  


Take note that garage door panel replacement is a job of a professional garage technician. Please do not attempt to fix it by yourself because you may end up having poorly installed garage doors or panels. For a professional garage door repair service, call A-Plus Garage Door Repair Garage Doors. We will replace your garage door or panels so that they could look as good as new again.

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